About us

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The Idea, The Company & Its Founders

Before we thought about lighting, our goal was to create a business by doing “good”. We looked at all kinds of technologies like solar, and all kinds of energy producing and energy efficient products.

When we first looked at opportunities in lighting, we thought it was boring. It all looks the same, it offers no inspiration, its latest technology was lacking in so many ways. But then we knew this was the opportunity we were looking for.

This Was An Opportunity To Bring Creativity & Inspiration To Light

We knew we could change the way people view light in both residential and commercial settings. As our research continued, we knew LED was the best way for us to make an impact in the world. This was the way to really do well, by doing good.

EfficientNow Began In 2011

The founders of our company come from diverse backgrounds—one was an aerospace engineer, one was a semiconductor engineer, and one has a background in fabrication.

We looked at LED technology from different perspectives, but our focus was always to use LED technology to create a more perfect light bulb. By looking at where the LED products were in the marketplace and what they lacked. Then we created a broad line of LED products for indoor and outdoor lighting that makes LED lighting solutions a practical choice for people and the environment.