Partnership With Panasonic Offers One-Stop-Shop Solutions

EfficientNow, in partnership with Panasonic, provides comprehensive, integrated, energy-efficient solutions for home and business. Our SmartLED Lighting products, when combined with Panasonic’s Eco-Solutions, help our customers improve their work and living environments, and cut energy expenses, too. One example of this is a retrofit project for Best Western Station House Inn at South Lake Tahoe, California.

Beyond saving energy and money, Best Western and all of our clients have greatly reduced the environmental impact of their lighting products.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • LED Lighting
  • Energy Monitory & Control
  • Refrigeration
  • Solar & Energy Storage
  • Security & POS
  • A/V, Television

Flexible & Efficient Architecture

With Panasonic, EfficientNow can customize our solutions to meet client needs. This way you only purchase what you need.

Scalable & Turn-Key

With Panasonic, EfficientNow has the ability to deploy turnkey solutions across thousands of locations on multiple continents. This global capability gives our clients, both large and small, the assurance that projects will be executed quickly and efficiently at any location or scale.