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Don’t Take Our Word For It

When people first see our LED lighting products, especially our Pearl LED bulbs, they way “Wow”.  But Pearl is more than just a pretty face, and our other industrial products, while they are beautiful and well-designed, too, offer much more to end users. There’s really no comparison to other LED products. We lead lLEDs, CFLs, and Halogens in all categories—beauty, energy efficiency, performance, environmental health and safety, lifespan, light distribution and quality.  But, don’t take our word for it.

  • Homeowners are surprised by the quality of light and the intensity of the light. The thing that hits people the most is when they get their energy bill and they see what the savings can be. Pearl can make a huge difference in their energy bill.” Jamieson SimpsonCKD, CGBP, Interior Designer
  • Up until now, we had refused to change from incandescent to CFL due to CFL’s inferior light and short lifespan. When I saw the Pearl50, it was the first time I could see how we could dramatically save energy and reduce our maintenance cost without sacrificing light quality. Our customers love the Pearl light. It is better than light from our incandescent bulb light and it saves us 90% on our lighting bill and has a break even in less than 6 months. Pearl is an absolute no-brainer.”Eric EymanGeneral Manager Best Western
  • Pearl is the only light bulb I have ever fallen in love with because it is beautiful. If something is beautiful it is not worthy unless it is also really functional. Pearl is the first to have both function and beauty.” Iris HarrellGC, CKD, CBD, CGBP, CGPA