LED Sure Guard™

Patented technology. Ensures safe and long operation.

You can’t see it, but Pearl’s LED SureGuard technology is integral to its LED bulbs’ safety and long life. Even though all of our residential and commercial LEDs are cool and safe to the touch at all times, our built-in patented SureGuard extends LED bulb design life, actively monitors bulb operating temperature, and automatically turns off our LED bulbs if it senses danger from overheating.

Why Is LED SureGuard Important?

Recently, over 500,000 LED bulbs were recalled from the US market. These were considered standard (even industry leading) products in the LED market.
Major manufactures included Sylvania, Westinghouse and Lighting Sciences, and the retailers are also well known, Home Depot and Lowe’s among others. These products were UL approved, however, nothing in the approval process caught the flaw in their designs that caused fires at homes and businesses.

SureGuard Makes LEDs Safe And Extends LED Bulb Design Life.

LED SureGuard keeps you and your family safe. Its patented technology constantly measures the LED bulb operating temperature. With this vital information, LED SureGuard is able to determine if the bulb is at risk and should be turned off, the risk of fire from over heating. By monitoring the bulb’s performance, SureGuard extends the LED bulb design life. Comparison tests show that one Pearl LED bulb lasts 25,000 hours, which is 4+ times longer than a compact fluorescent and 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb. It outperforms other LEDs, too.

What Problem Does LED SureGuard Solve?

LED SureGuard solves the problem that the majority of LED bulbs have: LED bulbs do not have a consistent way to measure bulb temperature and determine if bulbs are operating safely. The majority of LED bulb purchases are primarily driven by price and performance (lumens, watts. etc.). The recall of LED bulbs in 2013 has taught buyers that safety is as important as price and that all LED bulbs should have a way to monitor bulb safety, like SureGuard does.