Choose From Many Standard and Custom LED Lighting Options

EfficientNow offers a variety of LED lighting products that meet both indoor and outdoor requirements, including:

  • Direct and Indirect Task Lighting
  • High Bay
  • Street Lighting—for cities and parking areas
  • Safety & Security Lighting—indoor/outdoor.
  • Color Control—that projects an array of colors, temperatures (???) and brightness
  • Dimming Control—via wireless and wired communication, driven by schedule, motion or light sensors.
  • Energy Monitoring—provides daily energy consumption data
  • Custom LED Solutions—convert most incandescent or fluorescent lights to LED easily.

Smart Controls for LED Lighting

EfficientNow offers SmartLED—dimming control via wireless and wired communication. LEDs can be driven by schedule, motion or light sensors to improve energy savings by 30-70%. Clients can optimize for unique business needs. Our monitoring solutions provide businesses with daily energy consumption data that helps them identify additional ways to save energy, and money.