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Pearl Bulbs, Shapes & Styles

Pearl’s unique, patented approach to LED lighting makes LED lighting more beautiful and practical for people and the environment.

For instance, Pearl’s Radial LED Array produces incandescent quality light. It’s so natural, it’s like being outside. Additionally, Pearl bulbs for indoor use are 10 times more efficient with 25 times longer life.

Here are just a few reasons to try Pearl. You can also, download this brochure or visit to take an even closer look at Pearl LEDs.

Right now we have three Pearl product lines.

  • Pearl50—for lamps, vanity, pendants, fans, wall sconce, ceilings
  • Pearl60—for lamps, vanity, pendants, fans, wall sconce, ceilings
  • Pearl MR16—for track and spot illumination

Pearl is available in three power levels.

  • 40 watt equivalent
  • 50 watt equivalent
  • 60 watt equivalent

Pearl is stylish. There are different looks to choose from.

  • Glass bulbs shaped like Edison light bulbs
  • Tubular retro-bulbs that look just like a vacuum tubes or bankers lights


Pearl comes in two diffused caps.

  • Clear
  • Frost

There are also color selections for Pearl.

  • Warm tones like 2700 Kelvin which is what you are used to with a dim incandescent bulb
  • Brights all the way up to 6,000 Kelvin for outdoor applications needing a crisp white light.

Pearl has both dimming and non-dimming versions.

  • Dimming is compatible with most dimmers you have in your home today – known as tri-act dimmers

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